How to Put Yourself Out There and Connect with Recruiters

You may envision yourself at a new job in 2019, but haven’t yet succeeded in the process of scoring one. Perhaps this is because you haven’t worked your industry network or you need help creating one in the first place. The reality is, a career move is in your hands, and you can easily change your current situation by connecting with a recruiter to get your resume – and more importantly – yourself noticed.

In this post, we’re sharing tips for how to connect with a recruiter, prepare you for a job search, and what not to do when communicating with a recruiter. All steps are important to secure your next big career change – here we go!

Research Recruiters
This industry specializes in finding great people like you. When deciding on which recruiter to hire, do your homework. Connect with someone that understands your field of work. View their websites and social media platforms, especially their LinkedIn page, and online reviews.

Make the Connection
Simply making a phone call, sending an email or shooting off a LinkedIn message is a great way to start the conversation of connecting you to a new job. Before you begin reaching out to people, consider the strategy behind your ask. Informing them that you are looking for employment and to pass on any job openings is one method, but not always an effective one. Brainstorm on how you can stand out from the rest. You want to get a company recruiter to like you so that you are immediately thought of for a future position. It is important to be enthusiastic and professional when trying to get your foot in the door.

Be Strategic
One of the worst things you can do in trying to work with a recruiter is to create a blanket message and send it to several people at once. This step makes you come across as inauthentic and not putting forth any effort. Don’t be generic, but instead, tailor your message by personalizing the recruiter’s name, followed by a sincere, well developed message. Additionally, watch how you position your request. A recruiter can become a career-long partner for you and only asking what they can do for you is simply off-putting. Instead, focus on building a relationship for the future.

Interview Recruiters
This partnership is a personal one, so doesn’t select your recruiter lightly. As you open up about past work history and your future goals, make sure that you are selecting someone that will pay attention to you. The first recruiter that you email or message may not always be the best person to work with to secure your future job.

Have Coffee
Recruiters are in the business of meeting people. Once you’ve made an introduction via phone, LinkedIn or email, suggest an in-person meeting. Grab coffee or lunch with them to see if you like how they operate, if you could work with them, and most importantly – if you feel that they are trustworthy. Think of this meeting as a job interview so arrive on time, dress properly and prepare in advance to sell yourself for your next perfect position.

How to Stand Out
If you are looking for a new job or a career change, you want to connect with innovative companies that align with your values and goals. If available, your first step is to reach out to that company’s recruiter. Developing a relationship with you gives an edge amongst the hundreds of other candidates applying for the same job. By having a conversation, you assist the recruiter in doing their job.

Job Search Tool Box
Be prepared for your next position by having your resume and LinkedIn profile updated. In the fast-paced world of job hunting, timing is essential. Not having your information ready to go is a waste of your time and the recruiters. The perfect job will not wait on you, so be prepared in advance.

After You Made the Connection
You’ve done your homework and found a recruiter that you connect with and like. Trust your recruiter to do their job, and at the same time, you need to follow through with your commitments. If a recruiter schedules a meeting or an interview, show up. The same if you are sent an email or asked to complete a project – do the work, and do it well.

What Is Important
Decide on what you need in your next job and be prepared to discuss the details of what you want for your future when you start exploring the job market. It might be a higher salary, particular location, flexibility or certain benefits that are driving your job search. Share those wants with your recruiter and they can help you negotiate in the interview process. As a third party, they can be more candid with your future employer and can focus on your wants during the discussion.

Helping Them Helps You
Raise your profile among other candidates by letting your recruiter know that you’ll help in any way. Pay attention to how you communicate. Delaying your response to emails or returning phone calls may cost you an opportunity.

Keep Your Connection
Stay on your recruiter’s radar as they could become a lifelong career advocate for you. A simple message on LinkedIn or email every year or six months will help you stay top-of-mind and is an easy way to reconnect. Depending on your career, you may have the opportunity to help them out with referrals in the future. Think of this recruiter as a long-term connection for you rather than a onetime partnership to find a job at this moment in your life.

Start Today
Why do we always wait until tomorrow or next week to start new things? If you’re wanting to make a move in 2019, start your job search today. As a great candidate, you might be the right person recruiters are looking for, and by reaching out, it may help you in the long run. Place a reminder in your calendar to follow up with your recruiter in a brief, not needy way. Just having your name at the top of their inbox may help them connect you with your next job.

Be prepared to give up a little control when you begin the job search with a recruiter as they do know what they are talking about and have relationships with employers. Job searching is a competitive field and having a resource like a recruiter will help you obtain that goal of a new exciting position. If you want to further connect with a recruiter today – don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’d love to help you land your dream job!

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