Recruiting 101 – What Recruiters Look For In Top Talent

We’ve all been there. While we like the job we have, we may not currently love it and are ready to make a switch. LinkedIn reported that “70% of the global workforce is made up of passive candidates” who were searching for better employment. Even in a candidate-driven landscape, how can you increase your visibility among the many resumes after the same position? Here are a few tips to help strategize and navigate the recruiting landscape so you rise to the top.

To Thine Own Self Be True
Before you contact a recruiter, decide in advance what your next career move should be and why. Set a goal for yourself as every change in employment should move you towards that perfect job you strive to obtain. Also, be honest with yourself and the recruiter on your length of time at each position. If you have spent a majority of your career jumping from one job to another, you need to get to the reason why you feel like the grass is greener somewhere else. Recruiters are not interested in helping you pursue a job if you don’t plan to be there for more than one year.

Additionally, be forthcoming if you are looking for an entry-level position or something that is more senior-oriented. With relevant experience, a recruiter can find a career for you among companies that will match your wants and aspirations. Don’t throw away your shot at moving up in your career. Know yourself and what you want before starting this process.

The Resume
Quick – make a lasting impression! In all seriousness, your resume may only have seconds to grab the attention of your potential employer. How do you stand out among the crowd, so you end up in the “yes” pile rather than the wastebasket? Is the formatting of your resume well organized? Ensure that your resume is specific and well-written for the job you want to obtain. As you develop your resume, make it your goal that your skills match as closely as possible to the job description. Make sure to put your own spin on it – as copying will get your resume kicked to the curb.

Know Your Skills
What transferable skills can you bring to the company? They might be your ability to think and analyze strategically and efficiently. Or how well you communicate within the office and are a team player no matter the project. Recruiters want to see if you have any skills that can translate to the job posting and if you are a good fit for the role. Don’t let them guess – make sure to tell them in writing with an attention-getting resume.

Network, Connect, Network – On Repeat
The employers who think long-term will work on finding the brightest talent in advance. Why is this a brilliant move? You might be the candidate that they need for a job that hasn’t been thought of yet. Being visible in your community and among your professional network will allow your skills to shine. With the upcoming talent demand driven by the retirements of baby boomers, you will want your name to bubble to the top when companies are trying to fill their next vacancy fast. Maintaining a consistent network of professionals will help you locate your next favorite job quickly and efficiently.

Use Your Referrals
If it’s a job that you want, get creative in having your network call on your behalf. By developing and maintaining your connections, do not be afraid to have these individuals contact the organization to promote you as a potential candidate.

Social Media Platforms
Do not ignore your LinkedIn profile as this is the time to utilize it. An “estimated 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential talent,” so anytime spent updating your profile is investing back in yourself. Therefore, take a moment to make sure your information is up-to-date. For your profile photo, include an actual professional headshot. Work on making your site engaging by adding any resumes, work projects, videos, blogs, or examples of your work at previous employers. Brag on your accomplishments! Utilize this site to take your resume to the next level by showcasing concrete examples of actual work you’ve accomplished within your career. Also, work on adding skills and keywords to your profile to help it rise to the top when recruiters look to fill open roles.

Ace the Interview
You made it past the resume review process, and your next step is the interview! Brush up on your interview skills so you present yourself as a strong candidate to consider for this role. Know your resume inside and out. Have stories ready to expand upon such. as why you were such an asset to the team, project, organization, etc. to show off your accomplishments.

Additionally, research the company. Read up on recent company news and weave that information within your time together to show that you are interested in not only the job but the company as a whole. Come prepared with questions to ask if the recruiter or employee opens the floor to you. And, most importantly, be ready to be a good listener and stay engaged throughout the whole interview.

Finding your next big job shouldn’t feel daunting – it just takes time. Don’t make it hard for your recruiter to help you obtain your dream role. Need help in locating that next big career move? Our qualified team can help you connect with firms that are looking for talented employees like yourself. Reach out to a Brightwork advisor, and we’ll help you find that fantastic future job today!

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