Five Reasons It’s Smart to Outsource Your HR Department

More often than not, as a business owner, the role of Human Resources (HR) can fall on your shoulders. This includes hiring, onboarding of new employees, performance reviews, employee engagement, completing what may feel like endless paperwork and sometimes, even a termination. Thankfully, this is not your only option. If the goal for your business is expansion, then consider the modern alternative of outsourcing your traditional HR practices. A strategic partner like Brightwork can empower you through the ups and downs of owning a business while serving as the manager for your company’s in-house HR needs. This type of consultant can set and maintain HR processes, ensure the correct procedures are in place to administer benefits, as well as address and mediate workplace issues.

Here are five reasons why it’s smart to outsource your HR department.

1. Peace of Mind – When hiring a HR consultant, you can rest assured that it’s their passion and daily focus. Their staff remains current on trends and government requirements that you may miss, simply by not specializing in the field. Employees learn to trust their HR consultant and often think of them as a colleague due to the strong client relationship.

2. HR Documentation and Compliance – If the word paperwork makes you cringe, than it is likely that you need some HR support. Having a HR consultant to manage and guide you through the process ensures your employees are receiving the most up-to-date information when it comes to key factors like benefits and taxes.

3. Tailored Services – As a strategic partner, a consultant can serve as the manager for your company’s never-ending list of employee needs, and address the void that may exist within your organization. Offering an intuitive approach to HR, a firm like Brightwork can provide a host of resources that fit your company’s needs, whether your business is a mid-size company or a small nonprofit.

4. Retention – Part of the Millennial culture is to change careers several times within one’s lifetime. If your employees are under the age of 40, chances are they have switched employers once, twice or maybe four times already. Statistically, 75% of employees leave their job due to the manager and not because of the work assigned. Collaboration is important for a business to grow, and in order to do so, you will need to maintain key employees within your company for the long-haul. Having a HR consultant can provide you with the resources needed to create a growth plan for specific employees, as well as provide professional development resources.

5. Improve Your Bottom Line – Hiring employees is expensive. Compare the expense to that of hiring a firm who will take HR tasks off your to-do list. You’ll likely discover that your money is well invested in outsourcing your HR needs. Your time is best spent on what you do best – your business expertise. Let a HR consultant become your ally, freeing you to do so.

While it can be easy to underestimate your HR needs, it is, in reality, a facet that touches every aspect of your business. Happy employees create an enjoyable work environment, resulting in a great overall customer experience. There is a positive trickle-down effect when the right HR procedures are set in place. Brightwork offers an ideal combination of experience, methodology, and professional commitment that will undoubtedly complement your business.

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